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The practice known as "Lansingburgh Clinic" originated as an off site clinic from the Leonard Hospital located in Lansingburgh, NY. The hospital completed a merger with Saint Mary's Hospital in Troy in the Mid 1990's and a new health organization was formed called Seton Health System. Seton re-named the clinic "Lansingburgh Family Health Clinic" and continued to manage the clinic until 2004; when Adetutu Adetona, M. D. bought and re-named it Lansingburgh Family Practice. The practice has been committed to providing medical care to families in the local community for over 30 years.  

Lansingburgh Family Practice is privately owned by Adetutu B. Adetona, M.D. and we treat every patient like they are family. While our basic healthcare services are comparable to other practices, the personal touch and attention provided by Dr. Adetona cannot be beat! 

       From Birth                                                             To Family                                                             To Grandparents
We strive to provide you care that is comprehensive, coordinated, continuing, compassionate, and personal. Our interest in you goes beyond what diseases or problems you may have. We are interested in your hopes, fears and values as they relate to your health. We will work diligently to solve your health care problems as they arise. 

We also want to help you help yourself – in order to maintain and optimize your health. We place great value on prevention, education and collaboration. We work to provide state of the art primary care that's technologically sophisticated, but also rich in the relationship we build with you. As a family medicine practice, we enjoy seeing other members of your family - of all ages and generations and it's our pleasure to grow with you. It helps us to understand you better and provide you more personalized care. Finally, we aim to provide you service that is easy to use, timely and effective.
                                                                                           Our Philosophy

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